French courses for businesses

Since 1995, CREF has been and continues to be the best specialist of French language training for business. With our team of qualified and experienced teachers, you have the assurance of high quality, interesting French courses that meet the needs of your business teams.

In addition, since 2000, CREF is the center for testing and exams of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris; whether for the TEF / TEFAQ tests or professional French exams, we will organize and prepare your employees’ courses to achieve these advanced linguistic levels: you can officially confirm your employees’ knowledge of French!

CREF’s French courses fulfill a variety of objectives:

General French courses

CREF offers general French courses in groups or individually. These courses aim to develop the general French skills of your staff to enable them to communicate confidently and freely in the course of everyday life. These courses are offered from the beginner’s level, in which the course-book used is the manual «Le Nouvel Objectif Express».

Курсы делового французского языка

Business French Courses

CREF’s business French courses are offered in groups, individually, at your office, or at our school. These courses aim to develop your employees’ knowledge of the French language in a professional context. Whether it is for professional etiquette of the French business world, the lexicon of trade negotiations, or the rules of official correspondence, our qualified and experienced teachers help your employees to develop their knowledge of the French language to serve the needs of your business.

Get official recognition of your knowledge of French

экзамен французского языка TEFTEF, the assessment test known as the Test d’Evaluation de Français, or the Evaluation Test of French, is an internationally recognized exam that evaluates an individual’s level of French linguistic competency. It is an indispensable asset to boost your career, to find work, to be accepted into a university or to help you in your settling process in Francophone countries (mostly notably in Canada). It is also a simple and effective tool for the evaluation or motivation of your employees who are learning French.

Both TEF and eTEF (the electronic version of the TEF test that duplicates TEF but permits the sending of test results immediately after the test is taken) are recognized by the French and Canadian governments, as well as by a large number of French educational establishments in France and Quebec, Canada.

Why study and take the TEF test at CREF?

  • We have been helping candidates pass this exam since 2004.
  • Our instructors are highly-qualified and experienced.
  • Our pricing offer is fair and very affordable.
  • We hold a study session and testing every month.

CREF has a license permitting the setting of the fees of these tests to fit within your company’s budget.

In addition, we offer advice and preparation courses geared toward the successful passing of the TEF test.

A special price is available to the business members of the CCIFR and their partners!
For example, for the eTEF:

Compulsory tests: 10,050 rubles.

Compulsory tests + 1 optional test: 12,600 rubles.

Compulsory tests + 2 optional tests:14,625 rubles.

These prices include TTC!

French Courses Tailored for you

CREF’s French courses can be tailored to your specific needs; if you have specific linguistic needs, we will set up a course program specifically tailored to those needs. Based on a linguistic evaluation with you by our teachers, we will create a curriculum based on our usual program, but enriched with exercises and situations that reflect the realities of your business as closely as possible.

Адаптированные курсы

CREF also offers two forms of distance linguistic training

      • Through Skype. With this option, you work with a teacher from CREF with the same level of professionalism as for classroom attendance.
      • Via an innovative self-learning online platform.