Training and upgrading for all levels of Russian, English, French, or Spanish for any type of business

CREF will assist you in determining the most efficient direction of linguistic preparation designed to support your valued employees in attaining the requisite degree of competence and success within practical deadlines.

8 questions you should ask in determining your company’s linguistic needs

  1. Does our company have specific linguistic needs necessary for the successful completion of an assignment, for a conference, for transferring an employee to a different country?
  2. Is this linguistic training part of the general training policies of our company, and if so, what is the level of linguistic competence that should be attained by our employees?
  3. Which linguistic skills are our top priority?
  4. How much time is available to achieve these objectives?
  5. How much time do our employees have to give to this linguistic training program?
  6. How many times a week your employees can attend?
  7. What is the available budget that our company can spend on this linguistic training?
  8. What are the obligations that could possibly influence the structure of the linguistic courses (do we need individual courses taken in person for some employees, or are distance courses a viable option)?

We can help you make a precise analysis of your linguistic needs.

What kinds of solutions of linguistic training can CREF suggest and implement?

Linguistic training is a highly-specific necessity in each business. Because of this, CREF will design a course of study of your target language specifically designed on your demands, formulate a favorable schedule of learning, and supply highly-educated and experienced instructors dedicated to your employees’ successful linguistic preparation.


  • Courses in French, English, or Spanish
  • Russian courses for foreigners (including “survival” courses)
обучение в предприятиях


  • General language courses
  • Business language courses
  • Specialized courses (law, marketing, secretarial, etc.)
  • Specific courses designed specifically for your company (cf. several examples of programs designed by CREF for individual clients)
Испанский язык - Взрослые - деловое общение

Our teachers:

  • Russian professors
  • Native-speaker professors and teachers
  • All of our professors and teachers are highly qualified (diplomas and/or teaching certificates received from internationally-recognized pedagogical organizations) and experienced
  • Our professors and teachers are trained and supervised by a professional pedagogical team who help them put our programs into place, and evaluate their work throughout your employees’ linguistic training

Organization and pace of linguistic training:

  • Extensive courses (2-3 sessions of 90 minutes per week), or intensive linguistic training (every day, up to 8 hours a day)
  • Courses maybe be held at your business location, the home of the student, or within our fully equipped classrooms
  • Courses may be held in person, with the option of distance linguistic training available
  • Individual or group courses