Clients feed-back


Banque PSA Finance RUS has worked with CREF-Moscow since 2009.

Our employees study English and French, and our foreign employees are studying Russian. Since the beginning of our cooperation, our appreciation of CREF is very positive. The teachers are often native speakers, and they all have a very high degree of qualification.

The groups are at very different levels, from beginner to advanced. The manuals and documents used in each group are adapted to their level.

The requests and suggestions made by the students and the management of the company have always been taken into account, and treated in a cooperative manner with great professionalism.

Yulia Ermakova, Specialist, Personnel Department of Banque PSA Finance RUS

energomashbank клиент КРЭФ

CREF, the center for learning foreign languages, provides English language instruction for the employees of our organization, Energomashbank. CREF offers a responsive and flexible service and a professional teaching staff, making it a reliable and competent partner. Our employees are very satisfied with the pedagological methods used, which includes both work on vocabulary and grammar, and oral practice, as well as detailed attention to each individual student’s case.

Energomashbank plans to continue to collaborate with CREF.

I. Krivocheeva, Director of HR, Energomashbank.

Тотал клиент КРЭФ

Our company, Total Razvedka Razrabotka Rossia, has used the services CREF provides since 2001. Our employees learn Russian, French and English, and the families of our foreign employees learn Russian. We are satisfied with the quality of teaching, the pedagogical approach, and the results obtained.

Our company considers CREF to be a reliable and professional partner.

S. Bushmarinova, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, Total Razvedka Razrabotka Rossia.

auchan клиент КРЭФ

Our company, Auchan, has worked with CREF, the learning center of foreign languages, since 2006. Since then, our Russian employees have been trained in French and English, and our international employees have been trained in the Russian language.

We must emphasize that CREF’s training not only helps our employees to fulfill their duties, but also helps them to broaden their horizons and their cultural knowledge. Our foreign employees, for their part, adapt much more quickly to life in Moscow.

  • All of this is achieved by several factors:
  • handpicked teachers, and qualified and competent personnel;
  • a diverse range of educational materials specific to CREF;
  • an individual approach to each student, without rigid guidelines;
  • consistent quality monitoring and operations;
  • compliance with stated commitments.

Annik Farin, Coordinator of the Training Department, Auchan

Паулиг клиент КРЕФ

Our company, Paulig, has collaborated with the language learning center, CREF, for several years. We would like to comment on the professionalism of its teachers, the responsiveness of the administrative personnel of CREF, and their individual approach to our students.

We particularly appreciate the quality of instruction of the native-speaking teachers which not only allowed the employees of Paulig to overcome the language barriers in their business relations with our foreign partners, but also improved the cultural aspects of their business contacts.

We are happy to recommend CREF as a reliable partner. A big thank-you for your efforts and your professionalism!

A. V. Kolkov, CEO.