Corporate language training programs in English, French and Russian for Corporate clients

Why should your business invest in a language-training program ?

  • Your expatriate personnel and their families should understand Russian or improve their knowledge for a better and easier integration into the Russian culture and for an increased efficiency within your company
  • Your colleagues should more easily integrate themselves into an international collective with a common language and a behavior adapted to a multicultural environment
  • Your colleagues should more easily integrate themselves into an international collective with a common language and a behavior adapted to a multicultural environment

In any case, you are looking for a partner who is reliable, experienced, and serious in helping you achieve your linguistic objectives :

CREF is the solution! For almost 20 years, CREF has assured high-quality language training for European businesses located in Russia!

We offer a variety of Russian courses for your employees and their families upon their arrival in Russia; we offer individual courses, group courses, intensive studies, language immersion, etc.

We offer English, Russian, French, and Spanish linguistic study courses adapted to the needs of your company, with Russian professors and teachers, or native speakers, who are qualified and experienced.

корпоративный слушатель

Our strengths

An approach focused on the real needs of your business

The lessons may be held at your office, at home or in our premices.
We offer face to face or distant (skype) lessons.
Courses can be taken individually or with a group by level.

A pedagogical approach that is innovative and based on conversation

When speaking of pedagogical approaches, one must keep in mind that the goal of linguistic training is the ability to communicate and to write within a professional framework, or in real life. To achieve these goals, practical yet simple linguistic-study tools will be used during the linguistic training.

Taking the objectives that we have established with you into account, by employing effective, authentic, up-to-date pedagogical materials, and by explaining real-life situations that are as close to reality as possible, our professors and teachers will teach your employees to effectively understand and use the target language.

What is the place of grammar in CREF’s linguistic program? Grammar is at the service of communication. Used in exercises and real-life scenarios, our professors and teachers will explain grammar clearly through systematic exercises.

A simplified but rigorous management of the training process with a complete and permanent reporting of your employees’ results

Management of the learning process of your employees is tracked through a permanent and comprehensive reporting of results. CREF puts its experience at your service!

  • An assigned interlocutor will manage your files and respond to any of your concerns and questions
  • Regular tests are given to your employees to follow their progress
  • Monthly reporting with the results of these tests are given in tabular form listing all KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Competitive pricing and a unique billing system

CREF is able to adapt to your budgetary constraints to help you make the most advantageous linguistic training choices for you and your business.
Only courses actually taken (some conditions apply) are billed for.
Each month, you will receive a detailed bill for all of your employees’ monthly classes, including supporting documents (records of attendance).